Ukraine is fighting for its survival. Dispatches takes you there.

My name is Ian Edwards, I’m an American journalist who came to Ukraine to report on the war because I think that what’s happening here is vital not only for Ukrainians, but also for the rest of us.

In this newsletter, you’ll get a broad and nuanced picture of wartime Ukraine and Europe more generally. I’m writing stories from as many as angles as possible, from reports on volunteers and aid groups to interviews to analysis of the political and military situation.

War may be hell, but there’s a lot of beauty and joy here that isn’t shown in the headlines and news reports. In Dispatches, I’m making sure to highlight the positive side of life in Ukraine and of the Ukrainian people, which isn’t at all hard to do, despite the situation.

Reporting from a war zone is expensive and dangerous. There are a lot of costs: transportation, the services of translators, fixers and interpreters, body armor, medical supplies, and other equipment.

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